A Lifelong Partnership With Berkeley College

My partnership with Berkeley College spans for almost two decades. For most, that may seem like a lifetime, but for me that time has flown by. Two degrees later, I attribute many of my personal successes to my studies and the relationships I developed with my Berkeley professors and career counselors over the years.

When I think back to when I first enrolled into Berkeley’s Associate’s Program straight out of High School (those many many years ago) never did I imagine that they would remain a place where I would find the educational support I needed throughout my college career. Unlike many other schools, Berkeley College really does make it their mission to provide access to the best internships and job placement programs for their students as they near the end of their degree curriculum. Berkeley offers wonderful job opportunities that truly help build lasting career paths.

After returning to Berkeley College to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Management, my career in the Real Estate/Facilities Management industry took a huge leap and I was promoted into a managerial role overseeing a full staff of Facility Coordinators. Unfortunately, three years into my career a slight shift in the economy recently left me unemployed. Unlike many people who find themselves in this type of situation, I did not fret for too long. I knew that I would find the support I needed to secure new employment through Berkeley’s Career Counselors.

True to form, after reaching out to Amy Soricelli, from the Berkeley Career Services department, the wheels were quickly put into motion to help me secure a new job. I was provided with recommendations to edit down my very detailed four-page resume to a more simplified and easy to read, two-page resume. Amy also took the time to personally help me revamp my online LinkedIn profile in order to appeal to a larger pool of employers. Within a day of being unemployed, Amy managed to line up a phone interview for me with an agency looking to recruit talent for one of the largest educational and tutoring centers in the U.S.

When Amy first approached me with this opportunity, I thought she was overestimating my ability to pursue this role considering I had absolutely no experience in the education industry. But with Amy’s support and full encouragement she convinced me that my core customer service skills and solid management and sales experience would be enough to make me a viable candidate for this role.

I took a leap of faith and followed Amy’s urgings with complete trust in her judgement and expertise. Sure enough, after a few onsite interviews I was offered the role as Huntington Learning Center’s newest Center Director–and all within two weeks of being unemployed (with Amy happily cheering me on from the sidelines).

Faculty members like Amy who not only are absolutely great at what they do, but really demonstrate how invested they are in the success of their students has made me so glad I chose to become a Berkeley College student many years ago. As a full-time working mom, my lifelong partnership with Berkeley continues to remain a positive one for both my career and my family.

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