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"I've known Marc in business for 16 years. He's helped numerous friends and colleagues of mine get jobs and I've recently hired a recruiter through him. He's the guy you go to when you want industry intelligence or trend information. He has razor-sharp instincts on what makes a candidate a good fit with a client. He's a master networker, hard worker, as well as being the kind of friend you want when life gets tough." - Sioux Logan, President at RedStream Technology

"I feel extremely fortunate to have met Arline Panitz almost two years ago. There are many recruiters who are too sales focused, and will push you to interview for a role if you check the boxes and meet the criteria. Arline is an exception and a wonderful person. She genuinely listens to your goals, offers guidance, and provides a realistic view on the market. I'm so fortunate that Arline reached out to me. She has become my industry mentor and I enjoy networking with her and keeping in touch. I would highly recommend clients, and prospective job seekers to reach out to Arline. You will never be disappointed."  - Jana Greenberg, Talent Acquisition Partner 

"(Marc) is the guy you go to when you want industry intelligence or trend information. He has razor-sharp instincts on what makes a candidate a good fit with a client. He's a master networker, hard worker, as well as being the kind of friend you want when life gets tough."   - Client


"The Team at Search Inc. knew exactly where I wanted to be in my career and understood all of my concerns and goals. They secured me an interview within days of meeting and I cannot wait to start my dream role next week! Thanks so much again for your help!"  - Joy, Recently placed candidate

"Marc is an amazing individual to work with. While many "recruiters/ headhunters" tend to have a bad reputation, Marc certainly breaks the mold. He takes the time to understand his client's needs as well as each candidate's needs and desires to create a perfect match. Today concludes 3 weeks of Marc matching me up with the perfect fit! I would highly recommend Marc to anyone in the market looking for a new opportunity and for any client seeking top talent with the right culture fit."  - Bryan D., Account Executive at Staffing Firm


"Marc Richards and his team at Search Inc. have played an instrumental role in not only the launch of our organization but in its continued growth.  Marc brings a wealth of expertise to the recruiting process but beyond that has repeatedly taken the time to understand our evolving culture and has placed a premium on finding the right mix of talent that fit with our goals and values.  It is evident in his follow-ups and sincerity that Marc truly cares about his clients and candidates.  We are lucky to have Marc and Search, Inc as a partner and look forward to many more years of success." - President and CEO of Staffing Firm

"It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with Marc Richards and further my career in the recruitment industry. He took the time to listen, and guide me through the interview process from start to finish. If you want to work with the very best, contact Marc Richards!  Thank you, Marc!" - Barbara R., Candidate placed September 2014

“I initially met Arline when she provided hard to find recruiters to me in my former role.

When I became disenchanted I spoke with Arline and she showed me opportunities that were specifically geared to me interests. Her hand holding and old school style are great assets to any firm. If you are looking for talent look to Arline!” - Anthony F., Recently placed candidate

“Marc placed me a year and a half ago at my current position. Things are great and I am still loving my new company. If I could, I would tell Marc over and over again thank you for changing my life! I am forever grateful! Well I guess I just did!” - Kate C., Recently placed candidate 

“I have never been a person that contributes to testimonials. However, in this particular case, I find it

incumbent upon myself to voice my sentiments because it is so richly deserved. I was not actively looking for another job opportunity because I was relatively content in my previous position with the exception of a few negative factors such as long hours and work location.

After just one meeting and a few phone calls, Search Inc. identified the perfect opportunity for me simply by taking the time to get to know me and understand my strengths and career goals. I feel that Search Inc. invests considerable time and effort in truly understanding a client’s career goals and their personal strengths and weaknesses in order to identify the most optimum career opportunities. I truly feel that it is the level of professionalism and candidate relationships that Search Inc. develops and maintains that separates Search Inc. from its competitors.” - Christina T., Recently placed candidate 

“I had the privilege to work closely with Marc in my job search and I know that he takes the time to get to know his clients’ as well as candidates’ needs.  He has extreme drive and determination that differentiates him from others in the industry.  Marc is a great representation of all that is good in the search business and is an exceptional recruiter who makes his clients and candidates top priority.  Marc would be an asset to any company that is looking to make a talent acquisition and candidate’s in the job search as well.  I would recommend Marc to ANYONE!”  - Jennifer D., Recently placed candidate 

“I’ve known Arline Panitz for almost ten years.  Initially, I was an applicant of hers in search of a new position.  Arline introduced me to many new opportunities and in the end, she made the introduction that enabled me and my partner to found Lerner, Cumbo & Company.  Since then, she and her colleague Marc Richards have helped us grow by introducing us to exceptional people.  Arline and Marc have an enormous amount of “industry intelligence” as well as lots of integrity.  The factors have helped them stay in business helping clients in bad times as well as good.  I recommend them highly.” - Evan Lerner, Former candidate and now at Lerner, Cumbo & Associates

“I witnessed the new company, Search Inc. at its inception over a decade ago.  Led by Arline Panitz and her staffing industry experienced team, this professional search firm grew into maturity by providing personalized, strategic, and results-driven searches on behalf of staffing company clients.  Search Inc. is a reliable and ethical company and has my unqualified respect.” - Howard Kane, President, Kane Investment Group, Inc.

“Marc is a professional in every sense of the word. He not only has a great knowledge of the Staffing Market but also an genuine desire to coach people to success. Marc’s clear, concise knowledge and attention to detail is second only to his approachability and openness. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Marc and I would highly recommend him to anyone!” - John Gallaro, SVP, Vertex Solutions Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Richards and Arline Panitz for many years and I have always found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about the industry.  A tremendous resource to tap into it.” - Scott Mitek, CEO, MTK Resources Corp

“Search Inc. continues to play a critical role in the development of our company.  We have been working with Search Inc. since our inception and they have consistently referred us some of the top talents in the staffing industry.  If you are looking to build your organization, I strongly suggest you utilize their services, as they are the most effective and knowledgeable recruiting resource in the staffing industry today.” - President & CEO of a major staffing firm and Board Member, The National Association of Personnel Services

"Marc was thorough and responsive right from the start and after an initial call, he asked me to meet him in his office the following day. We spent over an hour bouncing around companies to see which would be a good fit. I had my first phone interview set up a day later. I would definitely recommend Marc." - Brian M., Former candidate